Get studies delivered on time and in budget.

Zemble brings Sponsors, CROs, Vendors, Study Coordinators and Principle Investigators together in one secure space. Collaborate on and manage studies in real-time.

Clinical trials challenges:
  • Managing the high volume of artifacts, activities, and milestones throughout the life of a clinical study
  • Time consuming effort in assessing the status and progress of trial content and activities
  • Challenges in collaboration and exchange of information between sponsors, CROs and study sites
  • Difficulty transferring bulk content between sponsors and CROs

Zemble supports emerging and mid-sized biopharma, medical device and academic organisations across the clinical trial lifecycle, enabling efficient project management with regulatory compliant data sensitivity and a focus on human safety.

What our customers love about Zemble:

Everyone aligned on one platform
Keep multiple stakeholders and organisations aligned on Zemble’s flexible platform. Implement advanced security and powerful admin and data controls.
Features that keep your services moving
Incident and Serious Adverse Effects(SAEs) reporting, tasks, reminders, approvals and more.
Sophisticated human-centred workflows
Empower stakeholders to create study-critical workflows that put an end to redundant processes and double data entry that cost your study time and money.
Create Standardisation
Steamline your study processes, leveraging real-time insights for continuous improvement. All without code.
Adapt and scale with confidence
Features, security and implementation to set forward-thinking studies up for success.
Audit-proof your business
Eliminate unnecessary admin and be confident that you’re compliant and audit-proof at all times.

Security you can rely on

We’re committed to keeping your data secure with enterprise-grade security standards. Our platform is compliant with the highest international standards, including SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001 and HIPAA compliance.

Streamline studies
Improve remote collaboration
Reduce delays

Centralise study data and artifacts
Reporting and insights at your fingertips
Flexible and powerful workflows

Transform your business with Zemble!

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