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What We Do

Zemble’s no-code platform enables claims, complaints and compliance teams to deliver personalised digital journeys for everyone involved and to codify decision making with clean, configurable data management.

To simplify even the most complex processes, Zemble offers fully configurable workflows and real-time internal and external collaboration tools. 

With a security-first approach and ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC2 and HIPAA certification, Zemble ensures that compliance and growth never have to compete.

How Zemble Works

Map workflows to guide case lifecycles

Create flexible processes tailored for complex lines of business, which support your team and stakeholders throughout the full life of a case

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Why Customers Choose Zemble


No-code and ready to build means you need no IT resources to get started.

Flexible and configurable

Your processes,
your people, your way.

Get everyone on the same page

Enable real-time collaboration and data-sharing

Collaborate from any device, anywhere

With our speedy, secure cloud-based platform, your team can work remotely and asynchronously from any device

Faster resolutions for even the most complex cases

Improve customer outcomes and KPIs through real-time updates, self-service experiences, and faster reviews and sign-offs

Straightforward API integration

Zemble can sit on top of your organization’s existing system or work as a stand alone platform

Security and Compliance

Keeping your data safe is of utmost importance to us

ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2 and HIPAA certified
Anonymized personally identifiable information
Secure in-platform messaging
AWS hosting and secure architecture
Single sign-on with your existing directories
Two-factor authentication available
Secure file transfers
TLS 1.2 data encryption

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